Broken By Justin Bieber Lyrics

”Broken By Justin Bieber” Lyrics I guess they want a reaction
I ain’t gonna give it to em’
Tryn’ to get at me, yeah
I ain’t gonna feed into it


[I guess they want a reaction]
[ I ain’t gonna give it to em’
Tryn’ to get at me, yeah
I ain’t gonna-feed into-it]

[Ooooh they been persistent
Tryna break me down]

[Oooo I cannot be broken]
I cannot be broken
[Oooo I cannot be-broken]
I..cannot be-broken

[They can’t take whats mine]
[ Someone like me is hard to find]

[Oooo I cannot be-broken]
Like I knew you were hoping

Whooaa (Hoping it would change me)
Whooaa (Hoping it would make me loose my mind)

[I’m too strong for that]
[Know you were wrong for that]
Listen at 4:58, As I cruise on the smooth high way
I ain’t even tryna get away, I’m good
Tryna break me

[Ooooh…I cannot be-broken]
[I cannot be-broken]
[Oooo I cannot be-broken]
I cannot be-broken

They can’t take whats mine
Someone like me is hard to find

[Oooo I cannot be-broken]
Like I knew you were hoping

Hoping and praying I really wont make it
All of these things they tried to forsake me
How you gon’ play me, how you gon’ break me.

[I’ve been in this shit since I was a baby]
All of my life, been driving em’ crazy, there go the Blakie, done all them ladies.
[Drummin’ the Benz, kissing Mercedes, living the life and] [acting so crazy].
Hidin’ from cameras, hidin’ the ladies.
How do you expect me not to go crazy.
[Never been lazy, never been shady, lost a few friends the moneys still gravy].
[Whishin’ on stars that’s why they still hatin].
Money out front, we never be waiting.
Save some and invest some, just let my money be patient.
Its a cold world that we live in, diamonds all in my pendant.
They can’t tell Satan whats in it, and they pray for me to be finished.
[Haters gonna start trippin’, when you don’t pay them no attention].
[Then the yachts go in my face]
I guarantee that I kill it.

(Oooo I cannot be-brokn)
9I cannot be-brokn)
[BK] No
Oooo I cannot be-brokn
I cannot be-brokn

They cant take what’s mine
Someone like me that’s hard to find

Oooo…I cannot be-brokn
I cannot

Album: We Know The DJ Radio Vol.4
Feat. Blake Kelly
Recorded: 2013
Released: February 21, 2014
Produced by: The Mogul

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